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Custom Jewelry

Why Custom Jewelry?

  • I want to create something as unique as I am.
  • I want a ring like my mother’s.
  • I want it in white gold or platinum.
  • I have inherited jewelry with diamonds and gems but I hate the style.
  • What can I do with the diamonds and gems in my old jewelry.
  • I want a pin that goes with my rings.
  • I want to custom fit a wedding ring to my engagement ring.
  • I want to recreate the necklace he gave me when we first met.
  • I want to memorialize a particular experience such as a rock from the beach where he proposed.
  • We bought a piece of Laramar on vacation and now I want to wear it in a piece of jewelry.
  • I want a wedding band with more diamonds.
  • Can you make that with a Tanzanite?
  • Can you dress up my original diamond.
  • What can I do with the ring my parents gave me for confirmation?
  • I want the jewelry I have always dreamed about but never seen.
  • I want a My Life Ring

Dream a little dream. Whatever you have been dreaming about, Romm’s can turn your dreams into reality. Recycle your old gems and diamonds or use ours. Trade in your old unworn and broken jewelry to pay for all or part of the new jewelry.

Can we create a custom design for you? 
That is our dream.

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