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Repair Guarantee


We guarantee everything we make, repair, or sell for 1 year from the date of delivery unless otherwise notated here or in writing to the customer. This means we guarantee such things as stones from falling out or becoming loose and the parts that we made or repaired will not break in the areas in which we worked. Watch repairs are guaranteed for 12 months on our work. We are unable to warranty watch work if the watch is unable to seal out water and dust.

Items Not Guaranteed:

  1. We are unable to guarantee our work with anything less than a full repair.
  2. Glued items.
  3. Enameling or glass or other inherently fragile materials including gems with a hardness of 6 or less.
  4. Lead solders that do not have a special "patch" support.
  5. Gold or Rhodium plating.
  6. Loss of any prong set stone that has 3 or less prongs.
  7. Loss of any prong set stone unless it has the following number of prongs
    (Or unless they are set in Platinum):
    Marquis6 (w/ ”V” Prong Ends)
    Pear5 (w/ ”V” Prong at point)
    Heart5 (w/ ”V” Prong at point)
    TrillionMust Have ”V” Prongs

    *We do not assume responsibility of the loss of a single diamond and expensive colored gemstones above ½ (one-half) carat. Customer should have gem appraised and covered by a jewelry rider with their homeowners insurance.

  8. Prong set stones that have thin prongs, missing prongs, or stones that are set crooked, leaving a much shorter prong on one side of the stone than the other.
  9. Bead setting where the beads are badly worn or some beads are missing or stones that are set crooked, leaving part of the girdle of the stone to be sticking up beyond the surface of the metal.
  10. Channel setting where either the channel is very thin, torn, not straight across the stones OR there is no support underneath the channels to hold them together. Example: No cross wires or support to keep the channel from pulling away leaving the stone to loosen up or fall out.
  11. Bezel setting where the bezel is too thin, torn, or the stone is set crooked and is not all of the stone is held in by the bezel.
  12. Invisible set gems and diamonds.

Specific Item Guarantees

Ring Sizing
  1. If we size the customer's actual finger and the size is incorrect, we will resize the customer's ring at NO CHARGE within 60 DAYS from the Date of Delivery. If we did not get to size the customer's finger and the ring was either a casting, special or or a sales from us, we will resize the ring once at no charge, within 30 days of the delivery date from our store.
  2. If we size a ring to the customer's requested size and that size is incorrect, we will charge again to resize the ring. (Example: We think the customer should wear a size 5 and the customer requests a 6 and after sizing it's too loose, we will charge again. In such cases, mark clearly on the envelope "Per Customer Request".)
  3. We can only guarantee our ring sizing from the customer's finger. We can not be given another ring to go by for size and be accurate.
  4. The ring size on a ring will not change, but because a customer's finger can become larger or smaller because of diet, medication, the weather or weight change, we can only guarantee ring sizings for 60 days from the date of delivery of the ring.
Tightening & Checking
  1. Tightening stones: Our extra fee charged to check & tighten stones will warranty against stone loss as long as the stones are set as described above.
  2. "Checking Links" - When asked to "check links" on rivets, chains, bracelets, clasps, etc., we can not guarantee their loss or durability. Many items can not be checked without taking them completely apart. This will cause the item to have to be repaired just because of the disassembly. Many items that are wearing "OK" today may have a problem days or weeks later. We can only guarantee items that we actually repair, not ones that we visually inspect.
  3. Retipped prongs on stones - We can not guarantee the loss of a stone when we do not retip or reprong all of the prongs when we deem it necessary to repair.
Gems & Diamonds
  1. We do not guarantee that a diamond or gemstone, once taken out of our store will not chip, break, scratch, or fracture. No stone, including a diamond, can be guaranteed not to break, chip, scratch, or fracture. We strongly suggest insuring your jewelry with your homeowners policy. They will pay for damage.
  2. We can not be responsible for the further fracture or damage to stones or diamonds that are received from the customer that are already damaged, chipped, broken, or have large inclusions or imperfections. We will inform the customer of these items before proceeding with the repair or installation work.
  3. How do I know I am getting the same diamond back? If this is a concern, we recommend that you look at the diamond under the microscope when you bring it in. Virtually every diamond has some unique birthmarks and we will note the birthmarks at the time of receipt and show them to you when you pick it up.

Romm Diamonds Guarantee


You can't buy a better quality diamond at a lower price anywhere in America.

If you are unsatisfied with any Romm Diamonds fine diamond purchase for any reason, simply return the item within 30 days of purchase for your choice of an exchange or refund. All exchanges and returned items must be in like-new condition, with original receipt and in it's original packaging. Refunds are issued within 30 days of the date of return. Credit card purchases are credited upon return. Remember, we only have one goal at Romm Diamonds: your complete and total satisfaction.

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