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Heartstar Diamonds

Heartstar Diamonds

Heartstar Diamonds

You See the Light

You See the Light

What do you see when you look at a diamond? You see light... reflected and refracted light. The more light you see reflected from a diamond’s facets, the more fire or brilliance the diamond displays. Brilliance is beauty, and no other diamond reflects more light than a HeartStar.The HeartStar diamond is one of the finest cut and proportioned round brilliant diamond produced in the world today. It reflects up to 93% of incoming light. Average diamonds don’t even come close.

The Most Stringent Grading and Certification in the Industry

Every HeartStar diamond is hand selected from the finest production, then regraded and often repolished. Once our cutters deem it perfect, we send it to the American Gem Society Gem Laboratory for the most stringent grading and certification in the industry. Many of our HeartStar diamonds are then laser inscribed on the girdle with the AGS certificate number (optional) for your security. HeartStar diamonds are available from 1/3 of a carat to 5 carats with the best availability and value from 1/2 to 3/4 carat.

The Einstein of Diamonds

How? Way back in 1919, Marcel Tolkowsky, the Einstein of the diamond industry, published his ground breaking work on the perfect diamond. He christened it the ”Modern American Brilliant Cut”. Though the cutting debate continues to this day and there are countless variants, Tolkowsky’s basic 57 facet formula has never been improved upon.

The StarScope

Only in the last decade or so has the cutting technology been good enough to consistently produce the HeartStar. This cutting perfection can be instantly visually verified using our HeartStar ”StarScope” through which you can easily see the classic Hearts and Star pattern that gives the HeartStar diamond it’s name. Less than 1% of world diamond production is cut to these high standards. While this elite company does include ”ideal cut”, ”Tolkowsky cut” and AGS ”000 cut” diamonds, the HeartStar is truly the best of the best, clearly showing its perfect facet alignment, symmetry and brilliance.

As for the Price

While the HeartStar is usually a little more expensive than the average diamond, we at Romm Diamonds feel it is worth much, much more. There is simply no finer diamond obtainable. But to really know you must see for yourself. Make an appointment today or just stop in when you’ve got a moment and work with one of our diamond professionals. We’ll teach you everything you would ever want or need to know...and you’ll see diamonds like you’ve never seen them before.

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